IACTP is an international professional association of trainers, training administrators, and educators representing all aspects of the field of adult and juvenile justice. IACTP was established in 1974 and provides its members with:

  1. An Annual Trainers’ Conference
    • Yearly awards of excellence for outstanding agencies and programs in the field of criminal justice training
    • Exceptional workshops presented by leaders in criminal justice training
    • Networking opportunities with trainers from all fields of criminal justice
    • Vendors exhibiting the latest in criminal justice technology, services and equipment
  2. A quarterly journal, The Correctional Trainer
  3. A member’s only listserv providing global access to criminal justice professionals
  4. And a voluntary trainer’s certification program
Vision of IACTP

The International Association of Correctional Training Personnel’s Vision is to lead correctional training into the next Century.

Mission of IACTP

The International Association of Correctional Training Personnel enhances public safety and the fair and humane treatment of offenders by promoting organizational and individual excellence in the profession of training.

The IACTP Trainers’ Code of Ethics stresses the importance IACTP places upon ethical conduct.

IACTP Bylaws NOV 2014-  are available online.

For a tour of what IACTP is all about simply view this informative slideshow.

Trainer Certification

To help ensure the continued development of trainers in adult and juvenile corrections and detention, the International Association of Correctional Training Personnel (IACTP) and the American Jail Association (AJA) have joined together to provide a review and testing process to determine the level of competence and ability of trainers. This partnership will produce a framework for uniformity of instruction for training personnel, regardless of the geographic location of the work site, or the size of an organization.

The Correctional Trainer Certification Commission (CTCC), made up of IACTP and AJA Commissioners, has developed a two-step process, based on AJA’s success with their Certified Jail Manager and Certified Jail Officer programs. Step one is a review of qualifications and step two is passing an examination.

For more information please select this link: Certification of Correctional Trainers


Icebreaker 101

Created by Joe Bouchard
Produced and distributed by the
International Association of Correctional Training Personnel

With IACTP’s Icebreaker 101 in your training library, you are better equipped to face those moments of deep freeze and lack of participation. Training does not have to start with sub-zero enthusiasm. You can thaw the tundra of routine education. Now it is time to break the ice!


The IACTP Membership Office

The IACTP Membership Office provides support to the Board of Directors, maintains the membership list, and coordinates registration for conferences. The office is not staffed full time. Most of the membership information is posted on the website; however, if you need further assistance, call 719-738-9969 or 720-684-8468. Leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Mailing Address:

PO Box 274
Walsenburg, CO  81089
Phone/Fax: 719-738-9969 or 720-684-8468
Email: iactp@correctionsmail.com

Membership provides full access to all IACTP benefits including:

  • Access to IACTP member listserv
  • Access to the Correctional Trainer e-journal
  • Discounted Membership conference rates
  • Voting privileges

Membership Rates:

  • Individual Membership $50
  • Library Membership $50
  • Full-Time Student (w/ID) Membership $35

To join the IACTP, print or apply online Click Here.

Agency Membership Is Now Available!!

Online payment is not available for an agency membership. Payment must be made with check, purchase order or credit card through the IACTP Secretariat’s Office, PO BOX 247, Walsenburg,CO 81089, attention Agency Membership. Contact Ed Wolahan at: iactp@correctionsmail.com or phone/fax: 720-684-8468 or (719) 738-9969 for more information.

The levels available for an agency membership are listed below.

Level 1 2-5 members $200
Level 2 6-10 members $400
Level 3 11-20 members $800
Level 4 21-30 members $1200

* When enrolling in an agency membership the following information applies.

* The agency must select one person as the primary contact for the agency membership.

* The agency’s primary contact will provide IACTP with the names and contact information for each person included in the agency membership. This information must include:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Mailing address
  • Agency email address
  • Phone number

* Providing this information affords individuals full access to all IACTP benefits including:

  • Access to IACTP member listserv
  • Access to the Correctional Trainer e-journal
  • Discounted Membership conference rates
  • Voting privileges

* Agency membership remains constant for each individual. Members can be replaced throughout the year but the renewal date remains the same original agency membership anniversary date.

* Refunds cannot be granted if an agency membership drops below the minimum number of members at a certain level. An agency can change their membership level upon their renewal date.

Icebreaker features:

  • Original exercises designed by criminal justice professionals for criminal justice professionals
  • Easy to follow activities that tie in with specific training topics common in our field
  • Clearly written instruction, readily adaptable for your specific educational need
  • Handouts and templates which can be reproduced for use in your classroom
  • A wide variety of wake up activities from the minds of IACTP members

Icebreaker 101 – Are you having trouble enlivening your classes? Do you find that your modules need to break free from the run-of-the-mill and humdrum? Icebreakers 101 contains 26 original classroom exercises. They are written for corrections and criminal justice participants by those with experience in that field – from the minds of IACTP. Success in the class room is as simple as opening this book. With over two dozen to choose from, Icebreakers 101 offers a great variety of out of the box training exercises.

Icebreakers and More – IACTP serves up 25 more original classroom exercises. Like its successful predecessor Icebreakers 101, Icebreakers and More provides corrections and criminal justice trainers with more original, unique exercises . These are specifically written for modules that can be used as introduction to or in conjunction with many topics. These include, dealing with contraband, staff division, observation skills, and many more topics.

Use icebreakers 101 and icebreakers and more to complement your corrections and criminal justice modules.

So how do you get one?
Simply complete this order form and send via mail, fax or e-mail to the IACTP Secretariat for processing. The cost for individual PDF is $14.95 each and/or $27.50 for both PDF’s. The CD is $17.95 each and/or $30.50 for both CD’s which includes shipping. All materials that appear in this book may be reproduced for educational/training activities.

The Correctional Trainer

The Correctional Trainer is digital and available for members to download at their convenience. You’ll be notified via e-mail when a new issue is available. Simply go to the member’s only access, enter your username and password and download the desired issue at your convenience. The Correctional Trainer has archived editions currently available on the web.

The Correctional Trainer will be sent to all Paid Members email on a Quarterly bases.  If you do not want to receive please let the Secretariat know.

Free Correctional Trainer Preview

Want to check out The Correctional Trainer before you become an IACTP member? Not a problem, simply click on the following link and you’ll receive a complementary issue of The Correctional Trainer filled with great articles. Free Correctional Trainer Preview.

Get Published

Would you like to write for our site?
IACTP is always seeking criminal justice professionals who are interested in contributing articles about their expertise. We are looking for contributions from practitioners who provide training in both adult and juvenile justice arenas. Send your articles to:

Joe Bouchard, Editor

Submission Deadlines

November 1
February 1
May 1
August 1

The Correctional Trainer
Information for Submissions

Correctional Trainer is the official publication of the International Association of Correctional training Personnel (IACTP). It is published quarterly by the Association and is distributed to all members. Articles submitted to The Correctional Trainer will be evaluated by the editor and editorial staff. IACTP Board Members are encouraged to solicit articles for publication. Articles of any length are welcome. Please submit in triplicate and if possible, with an IBM compatible disk in Times New Roman, 10 pt. font. Articles may be accepted from line trainers, administrators, academia, and other interested parties. Articles may include, but are not limited to book reviews, video reviews, summaries of recent court cases, summaries of curriculum, instructional strategies, training evaluation and organizational impact, use of technology, and news items of general use to IACTP members. Articles will be evaluated for originality, style, organization, readability, documentation, relevance and overall impression. The editor may make changes prior to publication. Any major changes will typically be made by the authors in consultation with the editor.